Ceramic Coatings for Tesla

Unlike most production vehicles – a Tesla is not a purchase; it’s an investment. Whether you opt for the comfort and modern convenience of the Model X or the performance-tuned Model S, Tesla owners are passionate about protecting their vehicles. This leads to a commonly asked question – when it comes to applying ceramic coatings for Tesla, is it worth the investment?

While we’d like to quickly answer with a resounding YES – it really depends on the type of ceramic coating, the condition of your car’s paint surface, and the application. The range of ceramic coat products for cars ranges from watered-down, back-engineered knock-offs to spray waxes infused with microscopic levels ceramic ingredients.

However, professional-grade nano ceramic coatings like Ceramic Pro 9H offers an elevated protection solution – backed by warranties and documented on your CARFAX Vehicle History Report. The professional ceramic coatings are formulated for specific materials including plastics, leather, glass, car paint, and wheels. This gives your Tesla a complete and customized semi-permanent layer of protection – inside and out.

Let’s explore some of the facts about ceramic coatings for Tesla and explain why it makes sense to demand excellence to protect your investment – and that superior product is a Ceramic Pro coating.

What is a Nano Ceramic Coating?

In 2006, when Elon Musk introduced the Tesla Roadster at an invitation-only gala in Burbank, California, heads turned, and a skeptical automotive media scoffed. One Million power units later, and a 20 percent market share of the electric powered consumer market under their belt, laughs have turned into a cultural shift in the automotive world.

And believe it or not, one of the first questions of soon-to-be owners is whether professional ceramic coatings for Tesla is good investment? Let’s be blunt – nano ceramic coating is truly a mind-boggling paint protection solution. Yes – you can apply a clear bra or paint protection film to prevent a rock chip, road debris and other damage. But a ceramic paint protection is a good starting point.

It’s a revolutionary liquid SiO2 and Polymer-based solution made with nanotechnology that fills those microscopic imperfections found on porous surfaces like glass, clear coatings, carbon fiber, and plastic trim. It helps reduce swirl marks, insect acid, bird droppings, and other damage to the paintwork.

So, what exactly does a nano ceramic coating do? Here is a video that helps to explain how Ceramic Pro 9H coating works to protect Tesla’s.

What Are the Benefits of a Nanoceramic Coating?

Applying a coating like Ceramic Pro is a proactive way to protect your vehicle from harmful agents that can damage it, lead to oxidation, corrosion, and eventually the development of rust. Once it’s cured, it provides multiple benefits including the following.

Blocks Chemical Stains

Chemical Stains are both unsightly and quite difficult to remove from a paint surface. With the addition of a nano ceramic coating, your car adds defense against most common chemical stains that otherwise stain unprotected surfaces.

In the event a strong chemical meets a protective coated surface, the coating blocks it in its tracks. This resistant technology helps alleviate costly paint correction procedures and enables otherwise harmful chemicals from penetrating into the clear coat and damaging the beautiful paint that lies underneath the protected surface.

Reduces UV Damage & Oxidation

Preventing UV damage and premature oxidation are ceramic coatings bread and butter. These coatings are specifically formatted to reflect ultraviolet rays and enable the coats to both look better and stay better protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

UV damage typically occurs because of lack of maintenance or upkeep especially in coastal areas that have high salinity in the air. The salt, sun and humidity all contribute to harmful damage over time. However, with the addition of ceramic coatings, the coat acts as an invisible shield between contaminants penetrating to the clear coat.

A black Tesla with a ceramic coating applied.

Improves Cleaning Ability

If you’ve spent long hours meticulously cleaning your Tesla, raise your hand. The ritual of car care is truly an appreciated task that’s embraced by passionate car enthusiasts everyday across the globe. But there comes a time when this process becomes tedious and time-consuming – even if you’ve got a PPF or clear bra installed on your Tesla.

Having a certified Ceramic Pro shop apply a professional ceramic coating on the outside and inside of your Tesla it adds the super hydrophobic effect. This helps to reduce dirt and debris sticking, which reduced cleaning times.

Amplifies Paint Shine

Tesla paint isn’t known for being top-shelf. The application of Ceramic Pro 9H helps to provide added depth to the vehicle’s paint surface. It’s a common myth that ceramic coatings add gloss – but that’s not entirely accurate. It provides added depth – so, a gloss finish appears ‘glossier’ while a matte finish common with several Tesla’s appears ‘more matte’.

The thin layer of transparent glass created by the hardening of Ceramic Pro not only blocks damaging contaminants and amazing resistance to light scratches, but it also amplifies the luster of what’s underneath. This is a major reason why polishing, clay bar treatment, and prep work is required prior to application.

Warranties Documented on CARFAX Vehicle History Report

In 2018, Ceramic Pro collaborated with CARFAX to create the Appearance Protection Reporting service – which documented a Ceramic Pro 9H or KAVACA Paint Protection Film installations based on the package purchased. The service is attached to the vehicle’s VIN – which stays with the CARFAX report through the Telsa’s lifecycle.

At Ceramic Pro, all the ceramic packages are backed by a warranty of at least six months (for introductory packages) all the way to lifetime warranties for Gold packages. This level of confidence in the product exemplifies the difference in protective capabilities over long periods of time. It also improves your Tesla’s resale value – as the warranties are passed along to the new owner.

The CARFAX report will also help you when it’s time for a trade-in.

Ceramic Pro 9H vs other paint protection products

What’s the Best Ceramic Coating for Tesla?

If you’re looking for the best nano ceramic coating for your Tesla factory paint – Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coatings are the clear and obvious choice. Our interior and exterior coatings for Tesla are only applied by certified and highly-trained installation experts and can be layered to provide protection for 10 years or more.

The final top coat puts the cherry on top of UV rays protection, delivering a super slippery and hydrophobic surface that lasts longer – with higher quality than any competitor.

If you’re looking to upgrade your paint protection options for your Tesla with a ceramic coating, complete some research first. When you discover how far superior Ceramic Pro 9H stands against competitors, we’re ready to help. Fill out the contact form below to request a free estimate from a Ceramic Pro Certified installer near you.

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