Ceramic Pro® 3 Year Warranty
Ceramic Pro® Coatings
Wheel & Caliper Package
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Waxing is now obsolete, less maintenance, good investment
The Ceramic Pro® System
ceramic pro® coatings package
The Wheel & Caliper Package
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Ceramic Pro® 3 Year Warranty
included in this package
1 x Removal of all four wheels
1 x Steam cleaning of wheels and calipers inside and out
1 x Ceramic Pro® Wheel & Caliper applied on all exterior wheel surfaces
1 x Ceramic Pro® Wheel & Caliper applied to calipers
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Your wheels and calipers take on a huge majority damage from the outdoor elements here in the Utah areas. They are two of the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. They make contact with dirt, mud, road salt, and any other debris before the other parts of your vehicle. Lucky for you, Ceramic Pro® has a product designed specifically for this area.

Ceramic Pro® Wheel and Caliper is a nano-ceramic coating designed to create a slick surface preventing brake dust and other contaminants from fully sticking to the surface. It is very strong, very durable, and extremely hydrophobic. We start off this package by steam cleaning your calipers and then coating them. This preserves the paint from the brake dust that can eat at the paint. If you want the Wheels Off Package, we remove the wheels. We start by cleaning them very thoroughly, whether that be by soap and pressure washing or steam cleaning. Once they are thoroughly cleaned, if needed, we can do a paint correction on the wheels before coating. Ceramic Pro® Wheel and Caliper is then applied to all exterior wheel surfaces and the calipers.
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Ceramic Pro® Coatings Packages

With over a decade in the industry, we are professionals that you can trust to protect your investment with the best ceramic coating products on the market. We exclusively offer Ceramic Coatings by Ceramic Pro® which appear on your vehicle’s Carfax report.

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Ceramic Pro® Coating
Ultimate ION Package
lifetime warranty
Ceramic Pro® Coating
ION Package
7 year warranty
Ceramic Pro®
Gold Package
lifetime warranty
The entire vehicle is coated head to toe with Ceramic Pro® and a lifetime warranty is included.
gold package
Ceramic Pro®
Silver Package
5-year warranty
The Ceramic Pro® Silver package is perfect for most car owners and includes a 5-year warranty.
silver package
Ceramic Pro®
Bronze Package
2-year warranty
The Ceramic Pro® Bronze package is an excellent value! It comes with a 2-year warranty.
bronze package
Ceramic Pro®
Sport Package
6-month warranty
The Ceramic Pro® Sport package is a great value and comes with a 6-month warranty.
sport package
You Have To See It To Believe It!

At Ceramic Pro® Park City we have a full line of products meeting every surface protection needs. Ceramic Pro® 9H is our flagship product, a heavy-duty, permanent protective coating. This product has a glossy, hydrophobic finish allowing water and other liquids to bead off the surface easily. Ceramic Pro® protects the paint from staining, UV damage, bugs, dirt, and debris.

The protective finish not only protects the paint but makes washing incredibly easy. Dirt and grime easily slide off the surface, and aggressive scrubbing isn’t required.

Other products in the Ceramic Pro® lineup include Ceramic Pro® Glass (hydrophobic coating for windshields and windows), Ceramic Pro® Wheel and Caliper (protection for calipers and wheels), Ceramic Pro® Light (durable, protective coating), Ceramic Pro® Sport (glossy, hydrophobic coating) and lastly, Ceramic Pro® Leather and Ceramic Pro® Textile for interior protection.

Our Ceramic Pro® Coating Packages include:

Ceramic Pro® Gold Package
Ceramic Pro® Silver Package
Ceramic Pro® Bronze Package
Ceramic Pro® Sport Package
Whether you’re interested in an entry-level package or looking for permanent protection with a lifetime warranty, there’s a Ceramic Pro® package for you!

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