The Industry Leader In Ceramic Coatings And Paint Protection Expands To Park City For Second Utah Elite Dealer Location

Ceramic Pro® is excited to announce that it is expanding its Elite Dealer network to include a new facility in Park City, Utah. This move will allow Ceramic Pro® to better serve its customers in the Northern Utah region and provide them with the latest and greatest in nano ceramic technology. Ceramic Pro® Park City offers a variety of detailing and paint protection packages for Ceramic Pro® Coatings, KAVACA® Paint Protection Film, and KAVACA® Window Tint.

TRON Auto Lab in Park City was hand-picked to be Ceramic Pro's second Elite Dealer location in Utah. “We are excited to offer Ceramic Pro products and services to the residents of Park City and the surrounding area.” said Richard Ricketts, President and CEO of TRON Auto Lab. “Ceramic Pro offers the most complete surface protection system in the world. We are honored to bring the Elite Dealer experience to Park City, Utah.”

Ceramic Pro® is the top-rated nano ceramic technology on the market that offers a permanent glossy, slick and self-cleaning surface for car finishes and paint luster preservation. Developed in 2014 and launched in San Diego, California, Ceramic Pro's cutting-edge products have quickly gained popularity in the automotive, aviation, and marine industries across the United States. With a strong and ever-growing network of certified installers, Ceramic Pro® is poised to continue its impressive expansion in the near future.

About Ceramic Pro® Park City

As the most successful chain of independent detailing shops in America, Ceramic Pro® Elite Dealers are the absolute best of the best when it comes to paint correction and protection. With a wide range of services that also include window tinting and paint protection for all vehicles, a Ceramic Pro® Elite Dealer is a one-stop solution for keeping any car looking its best. With years of experience and installation techniques that are second to none, Ceramic Pro® Elite Dealers are the best choice for protecting any car's finish.

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Ceramic Pro® Coatings

Ceramic coating is the newest and most advanced protection for automotive finishes. It is a clear liquid that coats the paint with a thin, hard film. Once cured, it becomes a permanent part of the paint and will not wash off or break down over time.

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KAVACA® Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear film that is applied to the paint to protect it from impact, scratches, swirls, and other types of damage. It is also known as a clear bra.

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increase privacy, decrease temperatures

KAVACA® Window Tint

Window tinting is the application of a thin film to the windows of a vehicle in order to reduce glare and heat and to improve privacy.

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