Why Paint Protection Film for Tesla Models Makes Sense

Some things go together. Whether new or previously owned, investing in factory paint protective solutions for a Tesla is an aftermarket decision that most EV owners eventually cross. As we all know, Tesla’s paint jobs are not on par with the quality of their technological advancements. And while there are several options to protect your Model 3, Model Y, Model X or Model S, investing in paint protection film for Tesla models is one that makes sense.

Tesla owners buy self-healing PPF for many reasons. It can protect fenders from scratching of shopping carts, can keep your Tesla Model 3 free from swirls caused by car washing, and can make it easier to clean bird droppings. However, some owners are concerned that PPF is too expensive, may not hold up to warranty claims, or can damage paint on the front bumper or hood.

Like the facts about window tint and other protective solutions, some of these concerns are simply false. Clear bra can protect your new Tesla from rock chips, or keep that matte finish free of scratches. It’s the best Tesla paint protection product available – period.

So, let’s explore the top three reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to include PPF or clear bra to your list of aftermarket paint protection solutions for 2022.

Reason #1 – Paint Protection Film is the Only Way to Reduce Paint Chipping

When it comes to the cosmetic appearance of any vehicle, damage to the paintwork due to hitting road debris is near the top of the list. Mild scratches created by automated car washing machines or swirl marks can be fixed through paint correction – or polishing by professional detailers. However, when a small piece of gravel or rock hits the paint – it can easily penetrate the thin factory clear coat and create a hard-to-fix chip.

PPF or a clear bra is a nearly indestructible thermoplastic polymer that is transparent, long-lasting, and can deflect most road debris once it hits the vehicle. While a ceramic coating can protect your Tesla from environmental contamination, it simply isn’t hard enough to make it resistant to hard objects hitting the car at highway speeds.

You can purchase automotive PPF with a matte or high gloss finish, one that heals instantly, and some with ceramic coating infused onto the top layer. It’s possible to install on your full hood, full front of the vehicle, or entire Tesla Model Y – front to back.

Installing a PPF on your Tesla is the only way to reduce permanent paint damage significantly. It’s recommended to have a professional detailer apply PPF on the vehicle’s front end – as this is where most road strike damage occurs.

Reason #2 – PPF on a Tesla can Hide Microscopic Paint Imperfections

Modern technology is used to streamline our daily lives. While we all use our mobile devices for everyday communication – from emails to video conference calls, some technology solutions help mask issues. One of the best reasons to install paint protection film is the nanotechnology infused in the adhesive.

When PPF is installed, the adhesive slip fills minor scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections found in factory paint jobs – even those freshly delivered to customers. This helps to improve the depth, gloss, and shine of the paintwork, making black Tesla vehicles shiny – and white models crisp and clean. Adding an extra layer of ceramic coating on top of the clear bra can improve the hydrophobic shine properties and keep the vehicle cleaner.

Reason #3 – PPF Offers Tesla Owners the Best Bang for Their Buck

One primary consideration for any car owner is measuring the cost of having aftermarket work completed on their vehicles. There was a time when having a professional auto spa or detailer add paint protection film to their car was only for the ultra-rich. However, as technology and manufacturing standards have improved, and installers have better tools like plotters which save precious time and resources, the cost of installation jobs has decreased recently.

Since PPF is the only protection solution that can block UV rays damage, protect the paint from toxins, rock damage, scratches, and holds up for ten-plus years – it’s simply the best financial investment Tesla owners can make.

Consider the Best of Both Worlds – PPF and Ceramic Coating for Tesla Models

The most popular Ceramic Pro package for Tesla models is the Ultimate Armor – or a complete front PPF installation, topped with Ceramic Pro 9H and Top Coat – and a complete ceramic coating package on all other vehicle surfaces of the entire car.

Ceramic coatings are known for keeping vehicles cleaner for more extended periods. This is often a disadvantage of some paint protection films. Ceramic Pro’s latest Ceramic Coated KAVACA PPF offers the best of both worlds – the strength of PPF and protection of ceramic coatings.

The film contains nanoceramic technology on the bottom adhesive and top layer. It helps to fill those minor imperfections on the clear coating once installed. The film’s ceramic top coating improves natural hydrophobic properties, blocks more UV damage, and makes it easier to remove sticky contaminants like tree sap, bird droppings, and bug splatters.

Finally, the installer will apply Ceramic Pro coatings on the full car – including wheels and calipers, glass, and on the full fenders. It reduces paint oxidation, and doubles up the layer of protection when installed on the painted surfaces and PPF. If you have a vinyl wrap, consider having a Ceramic Pro shop apply Vinyl & PPF ceramic coatings – to protect that expensive wrap from environmental damage.

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Whether you are considering a ceramic coating or paint protection film for Tesla, the network of Ceramic Pro Americas installers offers an affordable and professional solution for you. If you’d like to find out how cost-effective and affordable paint protection film installation can be.

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